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NEWS FOR 05-16-06
Well Everyone here is the new home of the Vachons online! We are sorry for the long wait, but we have been very busy with shows and finally have help with the site. Just a reminder this site is temporary while we get our .com up and running.
So next week the Alliance of Violence invades CWA in Quebec..on May 27th Gino Martino and Myself defend our CWA tag titles against MAD MAN PONDO, and Sik RICK MATRIX..whoever comes after us we will do whatever we have to do to keep our titles! Blood will pour onto the streets of Montreal when we are done!
Damien and I have a lot of shows in the next few weeks, and we plan to take titles wherever we go, We will be working a show with Al Snow on the card for MWF may never know what can happen and who is watching..